🙋‍♂️ About Me

I conceptualize and design systemic interventions within architectural and urban spaces by considering spatial arrangements, user experiences, and digital intelligences as ingredients for systemic change.

Currently based in Amsterdam and part of UNSFutures, a strategic design unit within UNStudio working with cities and developers to transition the built environment. Prior to this, I was designing at UNSense, helping clients conceptualize the use of technology within the built environment.

Previously, I practiced as architectural designer at Benoy Singapore, before joining The New Normal research cohort at the Strelka Institute, Moscow.

I hold an MA (Architecture & Urban Design) from the Städelschule, Frankfurt, and am recipient of the Günter Bock Prize.


Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or email at hueyhoongchan(at)gmail.com

Projects (work)

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